Part of the archive was this script for Rudy Vallee‘s “The Drene Show” which was a 30 minute radio program in the early 40s. This particular script revolves around Rudy trying to steal a secret recipe from Don the Beachcomber to make his place more popular. Rudy was a friend of Donn’s and there is at least one image of him in the archive at the Chicago location dropping a tip into the charity donations box with Donn.

Rudy and Donn at the Chicago DtB.

1st page of the script from the archive. The whole script is here.

There wasn’t much to use in the book, but it did say in the text it was in 1946, and I wanted to search for info on the show in general. That’s when I found that it was recorded. The episode was aired March, 21st, 1946 and titled “My Tane” for the song. Here it is for your listening pleasure: “My Tane”. Donn appears about the 18 minute mark.

Rudy Vallee’s “The Drene Show” – “My Tane” March 1946