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Tim Glazner

Along with being the author of the book Mai-Kai: History & Mystery of the Iconic Tiki Restaurant and forthcoming Searching for Don the Beachcomber, Tim “Swanky” Glazner is co-founder and organizer of The Hukilau, the second largest and second oldest Tiki event in the world. He is associate producer of the documentary film about Donn’s life “The Donn of Tiki” to be released in early 2024.  He created the first Tiki carving seminar “Coon Tiki” located in the Smoky Mountains. He is an expert in Tiki drinks and the creator of the Grogalizer, a popular Tiki cocktail website/app which helps people make recipes from various books. He has produced a line of Tiki mugs under license with the Mai-Kai, and he is the official historian of the Mai-Kai.

He is an avid fan of Midcentury culture and Tiki is a big part of that passion.

Upcoming events:

  • January 24th 2025 – Inuhele Atlanta, GA – Presentation on Don the Beachcomber
  • April 4th 2025 – Tiki-A-Go-Go, Orlando FL – Presentation on Don the Beachcomber

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