Searching for Don the Beachcomber is the most definitive and deeply researched book about the life of Don the Beachcomber, the one and only godfather of Tiki culture. Not only did he invent the Tiki bar and so many of the Tiki cocktails we love today, he delivered a kind of escapism when the country needed it most. Don also embraced, promoted, and celebrated diversity in a way that few did at the time. More than just the story of the birth of the Tiki bar, it is the story of a uniquely American original, his immense struggles, and unbelievable adventures. From his small town Texas roots as Ernest Gantt to becoming the pied piper of escapism for generations, his journey through the Roaring 20s, Hollywood’s Golden Age, the Great Depression, Prohibition, the mob, and WWII is universally compelling. It was Don Beach who imagined the most immersive restaurant experiences ever known, changed his name and identity to match his vision, and wove his murky story into legendary status. His motto, “If you can’t get to paradise, I’ll bring it to you.” defined him and inspires many to this day.  

Release date is likely late 2024

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