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The Archive is (mostly) digitized

150 pounds of documents. It may not look like much, but it took me four and a half months to go through it to digitize it. Approximately 3800 items. About 1200 scanned images, which I mostly also Photoshopped. It was a lot of work and was literally painful. I bought a new camera and negative scanner attachment for the project, and storage bins and binders, etc. I put silica gel in all the bins as I found and replaced so many rusty paper clips…

Now on the the next step which may be more time consuming: reading and sorting everything. I started on the images and that’s gone quite quickly so far. And I sorted a first set and learned as I went along, made notes. A lot of this will not be in the book or documentary. My plan is to eventually share it all here as blog posts or web pages.

This is a bit of a milestone month on these projects. The documentary Kickstarter finished and raised $200,000. I got this step finished. I have some very intense writing time set aside, and some new things came up that are exciting but can’t be shared yet.

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