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Notes From Home in WWII for Donn

1) Betty Grable

When Donn was off at war, his friends sent him words of encouragement via signed publicity shots. I can read some, but I’ll need your help with the rest.

UPDATE: That was quick! Thanks for the IDs!

2) Merle Oberon 1942
3) Harry James
4) Priscilla Lane
5) Lynn Bari ???
6) Rudy Vallee
7) Harold Lloyd
8) Robert Young
9) Frank Morgan
10) Irene Dunne
11) Olivia de Havilland
12) Alexis Smith
13) Brenda Marshall
14) Jane Wyman
15) Anne Sheridan
16) Joan Bennett
17) Linda Darnell
18) Rita Hayworth
19) Robert Cummings 1942 V …-
20) Maria Montez
21) Red Skelton
22) Alice Faye
23) John Payne
24) Leslie Brooks
25) Fred Astaire
26) Janet Blair
27) Carmen Miranda

5 thoughts on “Notes From Home in WWII for Donn

  • Isn’t the Harold with the round glasses Harold Lloyd?

  • Phillip Roberts

    1/ Betty Grable
    2/Merle Oberon (I think)
    3/ Harry James
    6/Rudy Vallee
    8/Robert Young
    9/is the great Frank Morgan
    10/ I think Irene Dunne…

  • Phillip Roberts

    20/Maria Montez

  • You obviously know some of these, but here’s the full list I put together.

    1. Betty Grable
    2. Merle Oberon
    3. Harry James
    4. Priscilla Lane
    5. Lynn Bari
    6. Rudy Vallee
    7. Harold Lloyd
    8. Robert Young
    9. Frank Morgan
    10. Irene Dunne
    11. Olivia de Havilland
    12. Alexis Smith
    13. Brenda Marshall
    13. Jane Wyman
    14. Ann Sheridan
    15. Joan Bennett
    16. Linda Darnell
    17. Rita Hayworth
    18. Robert Cummings
    19. Maria Montez
    20. Red Skelton
    21. Alice Faye
    22. John Payne
    23. Leslie Brooks
    24. Fred Astaire
    25. Janet Blair
    26. Carmen Miranda

    Since these are all publicity shots, easy to identify using visual search options in your favorite search engine. I’m partial to Bing myself, so all I did was copy and paste the image into the visual search, and in all but one option (Bob Cummings), they ID’d them all.

  • Sven A Kirsten

    Great list. The names are of much help I’m sure – but what is each the SAYING ? Therein lies the challenge…
    While it was a common thing for soldiers to have 1 or 2 starlet photos hanging over their cot, I would have loved to have seen the reactions of comrades dropping by to ALL of these hanging on his wall 🙂


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