I was scouring the background of images to see what was on the shelves of Donn’s home. This is just from 2 images, one in Encino and the other his Waikiki home. I was interested in carvings and Oceanic Art. It then dawned on me there were books and records. I know there are many who will be interested and some who can help ID the books. Here are the large images of a couple of photos for you to squint at.

Not much to see there.

I’m sure we all know Jerry Thomas’ book “How to Mix Drinks.” On the far right is “Let God Be True”. On the right side is “How to Own a Dog and ???” I’m guessing.

“Justice is a Woman” is easy to tell, but what author?

Records (turned vertical to read easier) … All 78s in these albums, but to the right of this is a huge stack of records out of their covers. Of note is his own set of “Don the Beachcomber Music”

“Ghost Dog” for sure.

“The Hawaiian Kingdom”

The Shell Book” by Rogers, “To the South Seas” by Gifford Pinchot, “Strange Sea Shells and Their Stories” by Verrill, “Voyage to Windward” by Stevenson, “Two Came By Sea” by Stone, “The Far Lands” by Hall, “Vikings of the Sunrise” by Buck, “Danger Is My Business” by Craig, “Smugglers’ Paradise” by Were.

Ancient Tahiti” by Teuira Henry, “To The South Seas” by Pinchot, “A Lion In The Summer“?, “Good Night, Sweet Prince” by Fowler, “Pacific Adventure”?, “The Confession of a Beachcomber” by Banfield, “The Poems and Plays of Tennyson“, “Flotsam” by Remarque, “Anything Can Happen” by Papashvily, “Lodging For a Night” by Duncan Hines, “Hawaii”, “God Has A Long Face” by Wilder

Secret History of the American Revolution” by Van Doren, “A Treasury of Biography” by Johnson, “Dark Justice” by Tressungar, “Get It right”, “Army Talk”, “Berlin Diary” by Shirer, “Great Russian Short Stories” by Graham, “The Strange Woman” by Williams

These carvings he kept his entire life. First seen in 1946 at his home.

Looks like maybe an adze with the musical gourd.

Little man on the shelf.

A nice u’ u’ club.

The mascot Cannibal Trio.

And this massive custom cannibal carving.