I started with this photo and the scribbling on the back:

From the Phoebe Beach Archive

This photo was taken at about the opening on the Colonel’s Plantation Steakhouse. Scrawled on the back of it was this:

I gave up on figuring it out and posted on Facebook where many people guessed and sent it to archivist friends etc. Then Tom Duncan dug in and figured it out. The top line was an abbreviated company name: Virg Davidson-Chudacoff Co.

Top Hat meats

They supplied Donn and other restaurants in Hawaii including Spencecliff with corn-fed beef.

Funeral services have been held for Virgil D. Davidson, 84, of Los Angeles, who died of pneumonia Feb. 20, at the Hospital of the Good Samaritan, also in Los Angeles. He became a member in 1961 of the original authority governing the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway. The tramway opened in 1963, and Mr. Davidson left the board in the summer of 1964. Born 1898 in Lenox, lowa. Mr. Davidson began his career in the meat business in Kansas City, Mo., In 1931, he came to Los Angeles, where he was the first supplier to introduce Eastern corn-fed beef to that area.

Mr. Davidson then established a large meat fabricating plant in Culver City under the name of Virg Davidson-Chudacoff Co., which he operated for 25 years. He later established auxiliary plants in Arizona and Hawaii. He retired in 1982. Along with his work as a tramway commissioner, he was also a member of the advisory board of the American Hotel Association, a director of the National Meat Fabricating Association, and a member of the Jonathan and Wilshire country clubs.


The other name there is Harvey Brinn who is resident manager in Hawaii.


The lady is Mrs. Lou Schilling


It’s good to have Tom on the job!